Welcome to Simcoe

It is through meditation and gratitude that art becomes.

When I moved to Simcoe County, I became obsessed with the sights and scenes that mother nature would present daily. I celebrated this by taking some time daily to document what it was the caught my eye. I coupled this with my meditation practice and it became a type of ritual. I would find a beautiful scene, spent a few minutes clearing my mind, grounding , and allowing my mind and body be present in observing and recreating what was in front of me.

As with meditation, I find it difficult to focus and remember that the point is not to think about what you are thinking about but to stop and give those thoughts, feeling space to be and to stop being.

With my art practice its the same.  I want to create constantly, and there is never a shortage of subject, but to stop and focus on clarity, I try to see the simple in the complex nature and translate it to peaceful artful notation. I did get carried away a few months into this project but the keepsakes and learnings are many.

I was so persistent with my daily artful meditations, that I made the news.

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