The Love Collection 2022

I know Valentine’s is done but I can’t get enough of all the love. I know this world has a nack of getting us all down but i disagree and will focus on all this wonderful and festiveness. I’m not sure what I’m doing with this collection, but I’m sure you not seen the last of it yet. Thinking of e-books and real hard cover book, bags and all sorts of fun. Lots of these works are still available for sale and for your buying. All small works are only $50. Some are sold so pm me with which most inspires you.

The entire collection is currently being exhibited at the Spare Room and Gallery in Barrie and here is a little sneak peck.


Here is me on Valentines Day taking everyone through the the work and some of my feelings about the work.


The gorgeous music is provided by my brilliant sister with who I will be putting on a whole bunch of beautiful events  @elinakelebeev . For the beautiful photography , I have @elyse_dudzinski to thank for seeing right into my heart and seeing my vision. @asseenbyeveryone , you never fail to help me wrap everything with ribbons and bows and your timely dedication is so greatly appreciated. May we achieve great strides in bringing people love, music and art and smiles and joy.


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