Ice Hut Outdoor Gallery Innisfil

It was absolutely remarkable to be part of the Ice Hut Art Project in the Town of Innisfil. I was so excited that this small town and the amazing IdeaLab Library joined forces and organized this beautiful “Wintervention” as they called it. The project aimed to so encourage more outdoor time. In the dead of the coldest winter days, all the participating artists worked to have these works ready for Ice Fishing season. Some of this work happaned in there living space, garage space, any space that could house these large scale pannels, and where they could do there magic. 11 Ice Huts got ornately decorated with Simcoe Past, Present and Future in mind.  I am so impressed with our local media always being on site to help promote and support our local artists.

Lady Simcoe, the hut that I took part in creating consists of 4 landscape paintings mixed with Pyrograph. My friend and fellow Artisan, Erin Sanderson who is out local Pyrographer was in charge of that aspect of the work. A local photographer, Sharon Chick was our team photographer providing us with reference photographs which she creates in the wee hours of the morning on her morning hikes.  I am so inspired by our team, this town and the bigness in everyone’s hearts to make room for art. I do hope this is just the beginning of a town full of art.


To read more about the project here is the IdeaLab coverage of the artists and the locations.

CTV Barrie are always in our corner and here is what they had to say here.

BarrieToday’s Natasha Philpot doing her magic here,