Boudoir Painting Sessions

Boudoir is a term frequently used in the context of photography shoots. It has been known to do wonders for self-esteem and amazing way to help clients feel seen. But there is another, maybe more subtle way to feel seen, to feel beautiful and to avoid the possible intimidation of the camera lens.

A recently led a boudoir live painting session where a client lay comfortably on a beautiful couch, in a beautiful slip, we chatted for 3 hours about life and love. We chated about being present and being seen and our feelings, all the while I captured her antique beauty with paint and canvas. We were so fortunate to have access to a beautiful scenic studio, Bed Head Boudoir, downtown Barrie where it’s easy to feel as if you are in a story book writing a romantic chapter of your life. Like the many generations before us, painting has been used to capture more than likeness but feeling and emotion and a story, and these sessions offer that again.

I invite anyone who is curious for a chance to see what happens when you are giving 3 hours to settle into a story, to lose track of time, and see what and how I capture your antique beauty on canvas.