From the Artist’s Easel: Maria Kelebeev’s Reflection on Wintermarkt

Creating these one-of-a-kind ‘Gluhwein’ holiday artisan mugs for Wintermarkt was an absolute joy. Seeing 50 of them find new homes within our vibrant community was beyond thrilling!
As I delicately painted each mug, I poured my heart into capturing the enchantment of the holiday season. Little did I know how warmly these creations would be embraced. Witnessing the community’s excitement and appreciation has been a highlight of my artistic journey.
The Wintermarkt experience has inspired me, and I’m contemplating making this a regular part of my art practice. Knowing that my art could bring joy to others and contribute to a great cause is incredibly fulfilling.

I’m overjoyed to share that the sale of these mugs raised $500 for the Innisfil Food Bank. The generosity doesn’t stop there – Sarah Baker Realty has graciously matched this amount, turning our artistic endeavor into a $1000 donation!
Thank you to everyone who made this possible. Your support not only encourages my artistic exploration but also makes a meaningful impact in our community. Here’s to the magic of art and the spirit of giving!