Artist Statement

I have been creating art for the last 25 years. I turn to creating when I am looking to articulate or express a certain feeling, experience, or emotion. I am always watching and analyzing what is happening around me with a goal to collect visuals of beautiful nature, ordinary objects, and human interactions and stories associated with those moments. Whether it’s a meaningful exchange between a couple, capturing the innocent expression of a child, or looking at color and light in a sunlit landscape – my work is made for the future owner to feel and share the joy of treasuring those stories and collective pleasures.

I work primarily with acrylic, watercolour, and oil, but there could be a presence of anything that was near me to help with the mark making that I am looking for (crayons, pencils, and even coffee). As for my style, I am inspired by vintage photos, social posts, or candid shots, and I use those references to visualize my ideas on a mini canvas. When there is a striking mini work that resonates a lot, it gets blown up.

Due to my curiosity and desire for experimentation, my style has evolved over time. Today, I feel very close to the impressionist with particularly with Monet and Toulouse-Lautrec. Egon Schiele and Gustav Klimt are also my visual references. Contemporary artists such as Carole Marine, Lena Rivo, and Vladimir Volegov all of which I admire for different reasons.

There is so much to every day! Themes of the feminine energy, romance, connection, emotional states, adventure, lushness of lifestyle such as food, travel, and elegance. I find myself in creating mini time capsules of those precious moments that can be collectively enjoyed and identified with in both residential and commercial settings.